Vidushi Gyaanpeeth teaches you all the fundamentals of UNIX/Linux for a beginner and guides you to be advanced user of UNIX/Linux Operating systems. The course is meant for those who are eager to learn UNIX/Linux technology and wants to make a career in IT industry be it a UNIX administrator , Data Base Administrator or DevOps professional.

If you are a SAP/ OracleDB/ MSSQL Administrator on Microsoft Windows knowing UNIX/Linux will be a great deal.

If you are an entrepreneur running websites on hosted wordpress, learn Linux you can host your own wordpress server on a low cost Linux server.


* History of UNIX

* The UNIX philosophy, GUI

* Intro to UNIX

* Unix commands

Processes and Filters

* UNIX Processes

* Pipes

* Signals

* Process Utilities (ps, kill, wait, sleep)

* Filters: cat, head, tail, sort, uniq

Shell Scripting

* Variables

* Loops

* Functions

* Quoting

* Here documents

* Arithmetic

Networking, HTTP, CGI

* Introduction to Networking, HTML, WWW and CGI

* Internet Protocol, Web servers, HTTP

* Forms

The UNIX Filesystem and Shell Intro

* The Shell:

– Executing commands and command options

– Interactive features: job control, history

* The UNIX file system

* File Utilities (cp, mv, rm, etc.)

* comm, cmp, diff

* Tree walking: find, xargs

* Editors: vi, emacs

Regular Expressions and Sed

* Regular expressions

* grep, fgrep, egrep

* Sed

Programming Tools

* slides 24-65

* make, nmake, gmake

* rcs, cvs, sccs

* ar, tar, cpio, pax

* RPM, autoconfig

* dbx, gdb