iOS (iPhone, iPad) Course Syllabus

iOS Basics

Objective C

  • Introduction to Objective-c programming

  • Primitive Data Types and Operators

  • Flow Control Statements

  • Arrays and Structures

  • Classes, Objects, and Messaging

  • Memory Management and Properties

  • Inheritance, Polymorphism

  • Protocols and Categories

  • Introduction to Foundation Framework Classes

  • File Handling

  • Property Lists, NSCopy, and Archiving

  • Selectors and Targets

  • Dynamic Typing and Dynamic Binding

iPhone SDK

  • Introduction to iPhone Architecture

  • Introduction to Development IDE - XCODE, Interface Builder

  • Creating and building simple applications

  • Handling Basic Interaction

  • Creating basic view controllers

  • Monitoring events and actions

  • Creating advanced view controllers

  • Memory Management

  • Storyboarding Integration

  • Programmatic Interface creation

  • Integrating with core services – Email, Contacts, Camera, Map kit etc

  • Data: actions, preferences, files, and addresses

  • Camera, WebKit, Mapkit and core location

  • Creating of database and using it in iPhone app

  • Introduction to url loading system

  • Debugging, testing the application

iOS Advanced